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Business is

Business is


Jefferson County, Orange County, Hardin County, Galveston County - the whole market is hot and getting hotter! Commercial properties are being bought, sold, and leased in the Golden Triangle at a rapid pace. Wheeler Commercial helps our clients get maximum value.

The age of the outsourced real estate department

At one time many large companies had internal commercial real estate departments, but that time has passed. Now, a firm like Wheeler Commercial provides specialization as an outsourced real estate department to many different clients in numerous industries. Any given year, our firm assists clients with hundreds of commercial properties in the Greater Beaumont area - from Orange to Winnie and from Jasper to Crystal Beach. These include industrial facilities, retail centers, office towers, and apartment complexes.

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Historical properties

Historical properties have a story to tell and they play an important role in our community. At Wheeler Commercial, we make it a priority to sell the story just as much as the property. We have extensive experience with leasing and selling historical properties along with resources to do in depth research on the history of each property to ensure we get the story right. Historical properties often require unconventional marketing and we understand how to navigate this specialized market to preserve each and every unique property.

Site selection

Location! Location! Location! At Wheeler Commercial, we know the importance of location when it comes to business and our site selection work for brands like CVS, Chase Bank, Burger King, and McDonalds is proof of that. We have access to the most recent demographics and important factors like traffic counts and new roof top data that factor into selecting the perfect location for your business. We understand terms like “swing corner” and “double going home side” to ensure that your location is on the right side of demand.

Property taxes

At Wheeler Commercial, we are trusted advisors when it comes to property taxes. We educate our clients on any detail in question and we utilize facts to get the best results for your property value. We also have strong relationships with government entities and constantly interact with them to stay up to date on the assessment process in our area along with current rates or future fluctuations.

Zoning issues

At Wheeler Commercial, we understand the political nature of zoning issues. We have experience with all Southeast Texas municipalities zoning ordinances and we know how they affect the development of new or existing properties. We have presented cases to planning and zoning boards as well as city councils and fully understand how to manage this intricate process.

Government entities

At Wheeler Commercial, we understand the complexities of government leases and we know how to handle them. We have extensive experience with government inspection protocol at the local, state and federal level and we have managed properties with government entities as tenants.


At Wheeler Commercial, our team is well versed in handling RFPs and we fully understand the depth of requirements involved with each solicitation. We have prepared detailed proposals for clients to obtain and retain tenants, in the private, government and institutional sectors.

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