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Buying Activity on Commercial Property in Southeast Texas has Jumped

written by Lee Wheeler Over the last three months, we have seen an explosion in buying activity in Southeast Texas. Currently, Erica Goss and I have nine properties under contract and are negotiating four others. Along with this we are having serious talks with several other potential buyers. For a larger market that is not […]

Time to sell? Price matters, but here are five additional components

By Lee Y. Wheeler, III, CCIM, President of Wheeler Commercial   Commercial real estate values are at or near their historical peak in many markets. But even in cases where prices have yet to fully recover or simply remain flat, now could still be the right time to sell. The reality with this or any […]

Red Cross Enlists the Help of Wheeler Commercial

    The American Red Cross recently enlisted the help of Wheeler Commercial to dispose of two commercial properties in Beaumont, Texas. One of the properties was vacant land while the second consisted of a 10,000 SF building on Eastex Freeway. The Eastex building was their local headquarters. The Wheeler Commercial team of Erica Goss […]

Financing Your Development

When an investor purchases land to build on, the next step is land development and financing. “Land development” cannot be precisely defined; generally, it refers to the physical, legal, and engineering processes needed to convert raw land to land (or lots) on which buildings can be placed. Land development can be classified into the following […]

Saving Energy

Some of the things we learned in previous times should make income property investors and builders do some contingency planning. Real estate is affected because buildings use a great deal of energy for heating and cooling and because accessibility (an element in value for many kinds of real estate) is dependent on automobile travel. When […]
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How to Value Your Real Estate Assets

Property valuation (or appraisal) of your real estate assets is a key aspect of property investment. It’s important in the purchase and resale of a property, but also for insurance and financing purposes for the time you own the property. Understanding the valuation process allows you to assess and place an appropriate value on your […]
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Your Real Estate Investment

Knowing what you can do in some investment situations can be the difference between an annual profit or loss in your currently owned commercial property or the one you intend to acquire. How you acquire it can be important. The professional commercial real estate broker is in the position to represent a client in real […]

Managing Corporate Real Estate

Corporations are formed to do business in a certain field of business. The real estate that they own is purchased, leased or rented just as any of the other tools used to further them in the chosen business. Now many corporations are beginning to become aware of the great potentials that real property can play […]
TX gained 294,200 nonagricultural jobs from 4-18 to 4-19, a growth rate of 2.4%, while U.S. rate was 1.8%. The nong… https://t.co/vMwKSJbVUl
SOLD! Beaumont https://t.co/lgUg65RiXE
City of Vidor implementing Zoning https://t.co/Si11DabfYH
The Texas unemployment rate is back at a record low of 3.7% tying the record low in December 2018.
Another very busy week in the Southeast Texas commercial real estate world. Properties are moving very well across… https://t.co/rij8F81VoQ
5.113 Acres For Sale in Lumberton on Highway 421. Click the link for details. https://t.co/znGG6m8gqq https://t.co/KIsPQSQoxH
Our latest listing in Groves. An office duplex for sale in the Lincoln Avenue Business District.… https://t.co/WkIs0udezR
"Your strength doesn't come from winning. It comes from struggles and hardship. Everything that you go through prep… https://t.co/Ip9EVGxP8s
Today we are feeling very blessed to have an amazing group of people working in our office. They are all so driven… https://t.co/yMA79NH5Kk
Port of Orange hires first woman to lead and she has big plans! https://t.co/BOIfPteVXS
This past week we completed 4 new office leases! Buying activity is still higher than it has ever been and it seems… https://t.co/6W1CJHMXF6
Up to 131 Acres for development on Hwy. 90 (College) in Beaumont. Future frontage on Dowlen Road extension.… https://t.co/HYzsh8OttB
Take a look at this. Texas GDP grew 6.6% between the 3Q 2018 and 4Q 2018 and that was tops in the nation! https://t.co/abKGO7yQug
Port Arthur expects tax boom from Motiva's real estate investments in downtown. https://t.co/wsPwQFxs76
REDUCED!!! Motivated Seller! Industrial property on Highway 90 in Jefferson County near China.… https://t.co/Nxm85mSOhc
Top state destinations for commercial foreign buyers. https://t.co/lEyaNFW98S
U.S. Dredging Companies Maintain America’s Strategic Seaports - Port of Beaumont included. https://t.co/czPXwtBAu0
Great start to the week!!! Put 2 under contract and added 2 pending leases. Blessed!
REDUCED!!! Motivated Seller! Make Offers! Appraised at $560k asking $499k Click the link to see details.… https://t.co/O6rDKklWtF